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Situation and Solutions

We connect professionals with vetted & working financial solutions.

Debt Consolidation & Working Capital

Our Client's Problem

Borrower wanted to expand working capital for his law office but was already burdened with $125,000 debt in the form of a term loan and credit cards. Borrower was paying $12,000 + per month on payments for the existing loan and credit cards.

The Dolan Financial Solution

Loan in the amount of $250,000 was made to consolidate his debt and provide working capital. At the same time, loan payments were reduced from $12,000 + per month to $4,202 per month. 

“I loved working with my rep, he made the process stress free, and really cared about helping my practice.  He went above and beyond to assist me on the funding.  I would highly recommend using his services for the funding.” 

Credit Line Acquisition in 2 Weeks

Our Client's Problem​

Borrower needed to secure $4.5 million working capital loan in 17 days in order to support the restart of a closed business.

The Dolan Financial Solution

On a short deadline, we were able to work with a bank that was familiar with the business being restarted. By utilizing the property as collateral, we were able to get approval for $4.5 million in credit within the 17 day deadline.

Expanding Your Business

Our Client's Problem​

Borrower needed $100,000 to expand a law practice.

The Dolan Financial Solution

Loan for $100,000 was funded in a matter of days. Client loved working with our lender’s staff, as they were very knowledgeable on the process and made it simple and quick.

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